WELL Health Tech

Revolutionizing Healthcare with WELL Health.ai

At WELL Health, our mission is to positively impact health outcomes by leveraging technology to empower healthcare practitioners and patients.

WELL Health.ai represents a revolutionary next step in this ongoing mission. As a leader in digital health, our commitment to artificial intelligence demonstrates WELL’s continued leadership in healthcare innovation.

By funding and supporting the best early-stage AI start-ups, WELL Health.ai will ensure healthcare providers can access AI tools that enhance care delivery and efficiency. 



WELL Health’s introductory AI service, WELL AI Voice, is an all-in-one medical dictation, ambient scribe, and virtual assistant for healthcare providers.

WELL AI Voice works with any EMR, saving time by reducing paperwork and automating administrative tasks.

AI Investment Program

WELL’s AI Investment Program will fund, support, and distribute early-stage AI applications in the healthcare and cybersecurity industries.