WELL Health Tech

AI Investment Program

WELL’s AI Investment Program will fund, support, and distribute early-stage AI applications in the healthcare and cybersecurity industries.


The Purpose

The WELL Health AI Investment Program, and AI, are important parts of WELL's ongoing mission to positively impact health outcomes by leveraging technology to empower and support healthcare providers.

WELL embraced AI early with its first investment in March of 2020 and a second in April of 2022. The AI Investment Program is our commitment to responsibly furthering AI’s role in fulfilling WELL’s mission

The Program

Through WELL Ventures, the AI Investment Program will focus on early-stage AI companies who demonstrate promising innovation, and a clear focus on using AI technologies that can help healthcare providers with innovative tools or applications designed to improve their efficiency, accuracy and ultimately help them deliver better patient outcomes. Data protection and cybersecurity applications will also be considered as this is a key part of WELL’s practitioner enablement platform.

WELL’s aims make a minimum of 10 AI related investments of at least $250k each in companies that are advancing healthcare applications and/or protecting data, and ensure that each Investee has a strategic alliance agreement with WELL that allows it to benefit from WELL’s healthcare ecosystem which includes:

  • Its apps.health ecosystem, which is Canada’s only app marketplace for integrated EMR apps, and/or
  • access to the 23,000+ provider network supported by WELL’s digital and services tools and the 2,800+ providers working internally in WELL’s own patient services businesses.

Learn More: For more information about the WELL Health AI Investment Program, read the news release here.